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Lindsey Patterson

4 Ways That Swimming is Good for You

4 min read

Most people don’t really think of swimming as having any major health benefits, at least when compared to other forms of exercise such as running, cycling, weightlifting or Crossfit. When was the last time you heard someone say they’ve got to get home and do a workout in their pool? It’s pretty rare, right?


But the truth is that swimming offers many health benefits for your body and mind. It also has some other benefits that you can improve your health -- but in a more indirect way. So keep reading to learn about four ways that swimming can be good for you.


1. Swimming Is a Great Aerobic Workout

First of all, it’s a great way to get in an aerobic workout. Swimming laps in your pool or doing long-distance swims out in the ocean or in a lake can offer great cardiovascular benefits to strengthen your heart and lungs. Swimming can boost your blood circulation, improve your blood pressure and burn calories.


You can start out at whatever pace feels good for you, but over time you'll increase the health benefits by pushing yourself to swim faster and farther in your swim workouts. Because you're doing the same repetitive movements thousands of times per workout, it's also a good idea to learn different strokes and include several of them in each workout.


Freestyle swimming might be the core of your exercise program, but you should also learn to do the breaststroke, sidestroke, backstroke, and butterfly. Each of these techniques works your shoulders, arms, back, chest, and legs in different ways to give you the more balanced development of your muscles without overworking your joints.


2. Swimming Can Make You Money

Okay, so this sounds a little far out there, but it’s true! You can actually make money by swimming -- if you invest in a swimming pool. Homes that have built-in swimming pools in the backyard benefit from increased home value. At some point in the future, you are likely to sell your home, and having a pool can increase the amount of money that you'll get for your home.


When you compare the cost of a pool to the extra value you receive when selling your home, it works out to be a pretty good investment, assuming that you maintained the condition of your pool over the years.


3. Swimming Is Easy on Your Body

One of the greatest health benefits of swimming is that it is very easy on your body. Swimming is a low-impact aerobic workout, meaning that there is little or no pounding on your feet and joints when you exercise. This makes swimming an ideal form of exercise for people who are older, who have arthritis or joint problems, who are recovering from surgery or who are obese.


The gentle nature of swimming also means that your body can recover from your workouts much faster compared to high-impact workouts in the gym or on the track. This enables you to go swimming almost every day without running into overtraining issues that often occur with weight training, running and more intense types of exercise.


4. Swimming Is a Lot of Fun

Swimming is also a lot of fun, whether you are swimming by yourself, with a group of other fitness enthusiasts at a swim class or with your family and friends at home. Kids can spend hours in the pool during the summer, burn8ng off tons of calories and getting great exercise benefits without even realizing that they are doing something healthy. In fact, most kids have to practically be dragged out of the pool because they enjoy it so much.


But swimming is fun for grownups too. According to Hirofumi Tanaka, Director of the Cardiovascular Aging Research Lab at the University of Texas, people who start up a swimming program are more likely to stick with it compared to those who take up running or bicycling.


Swimming is a great form of exercise that is easy on the body while strengthening the heart, lungs, muscles, and joints. It’s a fun activity for peo9ple of all ages and fitness levels, and it can even make you money! Those are a lot of benefits for your family, your body, your mind and even your wallet!