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Lindsey Patterson

4 Ways to Use the Internet Correctly

4 min read

You might think that being instructed on how to use the internet "correctly" is a laughable concept. After all, what more does it take other than knowing how to operate a computer or smartphone and connect to a wireless network? Well, you might understand the general basics of how to use the internet, but you might need a refresher or an education on how to use the world wide web so that you get much more out of it. Here are four ways to use the internet correctly. 

1. Make Sure to Use Secured Sites

It's one of the biggest potential horror stories: you're browsing a new website looking for the perfect gift for someone. You find one and give your credit card information. Then, you're greeted with the unwelcome news that your credit card has been maxed out due to your credit card information being compromised. It's an absolute nightmare of a situation that can be averted by being mindful of the security of websites you visit. One of the biggest clues can be found in the URL bar of your browser. Make sure that it says "https" and not just "http" for any site that necessitates the sharing of sensitive information. This means personal information will be properly encrypted and not be vulnerable to hackers. You should also look into the website's listed information and various policies to ensure that you trust them. Check for reports from other consumers to ensure that they're a trustworthy business.

2. Limit Your Usage

The internet is many things. It's an educator, an entertainer and also a potential mood destabilizer. Surfing the web can create a cycle of depression. Users feeling low can retreat to the internet to distract themselves from their negative feelings. What they see can send them down a further spiral, as they look at photos of friends and acquaintances on social media having what they perceive as the time of their life. They might also embrace the anonymity and find themselves interacting with other depressed people about their thoughts and feelings, without fear of shame. However, it's important that they receive professional help in order to not let their thoughts get the best of them. Even if you're feeling generally positive, it's best to keep yourself away from the internet when you don't have something specific you need to accomplish.

3. Show Off Your Best Self

The internet is a very sophisticated catalog of your past decisions and can have a severe impact on your future development. If you're being considered for a job, a recruiter is going to be sure to look into your history. This means you better be aware of what a Google search of you brings up. Make sure that all social media accounts pertaining to you are flattering and don't paint you as an undesirable individual. The same goes for using dating sites. You don't want a potential match to be turned off by the persona you project online.

4. Comparison Shop

 One of the beauties of the internet is how many options it gives. Instead of feeling stuck with one retailer due to its proximity to your home, you can look at all sorts of websites to make the most informed decision possible. For example, if you're looking for cheap auto insurance online, you don't need to look at one website and make your decision right away. Instead, you can look all around the web and gather information from educated parties. It might take a little longer, but you'll be grateful that you took the additional time.


The internet is a revolutionary tool that should always be appreciated. The trouble is, like so many other technological wonders, it's easy to take for granted. By following these steps for proper internet usage, you can make your experience all the more satisfying.